Our Story

We equip Africans with everything they need to start a profitable Business.

About Kaizen

When I started learning about the internet and making money online, my number one struggle was putting what I learnt into context. I had to put in extra effort to ensure I understood what I was learning.


This is because at the end of the day, without context, you can’t implement what you learn.


I used to hear Grant Cardone, Anthony Robbins, John Maxwell, etc. talk about the IRS, 401k, and a lot of other American terms. Sadly, many Africans can’t relate to that, so they’ll struggle to learn, not to talk of implementing what they learn.


That was what inspired me to start building an online education company for Africans www.kaizenacademy.co

At kaizen Digital Academy we teach Africans high income digital and tech skills in a context and mode of communication they can relate to.


That way, they can learn and implement faster, increase their earning capacity, and make their dreams come true. We are like Masterclass, but built for Africans.


In a continent with millions of unemployed people, I believe that what we are building at Kaizen Digital Academy will empower a lot of Africans, and expose them to money making opportunities in the tech space.

Our Team

Joseph Don


Princess Oboba


Toheeb Yusuf

Digital Marketing Lead