10 Lessons from "How to sell like Crazy"

Posted August 03, 2022
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How to sell like crazy is one of the best books about sales ever written. The author Sabri Suby is the founder of KingKong –  Australia’s fastest growing digital agency.
In the book, Sabri Suby revealed the exact system he used to go from $50 to $10M in annual revenue.

Here are some of the key lessons from the book.

1. Your Mindset

If you want to become a billionaire, you need to think like a 
billionaire. Time is the most valuable asset of billionaires.

2. Your Business is Sales

"The money in the business isn’t in your 
product or services it is in selling your product/service.”

“As a business owner, selling should be your number one priority and you must act accordingly. This means spending bulk time on marketing and sales-related activities.

3. Clients want their problems solved they don’t care about your service.
“The market doesn’t pay you to have the best product or service, it rewards you for solving a problem”
"Why won’t anybody listen to me? It was from pondering this question that I had my first breakthrough.

While it seems obvious, I realized that nobody cared about me, my product, or anything else I was babbling about on the phone.

They cared only about themselves. I quickly found the more I call, the more sales I made.”

4. Know your client (customer/target audience/ target market)

”Your focus should be
to intimately understand your market or prospect's desires, pains, fears, hopes and dreams.

You need to know them better than your competitors, and create marketing messages that effectively communicate how you can solve the problems” 

5. Sell to many people with one message

“I transitioned from selling one-to-one to selling one-to-many

I look at my sales message as being my salesman soldier.

I look at Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and radio and YouTube ads as the delivery vehicle I use to deploy the salesman soldier and deliver message automatically without me having to exert more effort the more times I deliver it.”
6. 80:20 Rule / 64:4 Rule

The 80:20 rule emphasizes why you should disregard 80% of your business activities.

They should either be delegated or outsourced.

This will help you focus on the top 20% to produce revenue. This is the Pareto Principle.

Sabri Suby further streamlined the Pareto Principle into the 64:4 Rule.

4% of your activities create 64% of the revenue for your business.

Instead of investing their time extensively in their super productive 4%, too many business owners & salespeople get caught up in the minutiae of the day-to-day 96%.
7. Sales copy/Advertising

“The ability to write ads & marketing messages that sell is by far the most
Lethal money-making skill you could ever hope to acquire”
“Your ads should make a red-hot pitch for your product or service in the same way a salesperson would do in a face-to-face selling situation”
8. There is no traffic problem, there is only a conversion problem

“When it comes to traffic, there are only 2 names worth mentioning – Google & Facebook and they account for more than 90% of traffic online.”
“Why do businesses say they have a traffic problem? The truth is they don’t have a traffic problem, they just don't know how to convert and tap in to the massive online traffic.
9. Automated Selling System

“To truly make  big money, you’ve got to use an automated selling system to get your sales message in front of huge numbers of people all at the same time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year”
10. Buyer Psychology

“You must know your customer intimately”

“Enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind”

“To read the mind of prospects and know the exact questions they’re asking during the research and buying circle, the autosuggest results provided by Google and Binge are a Goldmine of insights”

There are a whole lot of lessons from "How to sell to crazy". This article just covered a few of them. If you are yet to read the book, do so because there is so much you can learn as a person and for your business. 

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Thanks for reading.

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