5 High Income Online skills that can make you lots of money in 2022

Posted April 22, 2022
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We're moving from an era where jobs and being successful were tied to your college degree and the “who you know” to an era where jobs and making money would be determined by what skills you have and the level of mastery you have.

Most degrees just overload you with theoretical knowledge with no hard skills or soft skills. These hard and soft skills are what is needed to survive in a very competitive marketplace or society like ours.

The good news is that what our universities and colleges haven't been able to teach us, the internet has made them readily available to us.

The bad news is that most Nigerians don't know these high-income skills and where to learn them. 

I'll be sharing some of these high-income skills and where you can get them. Some of them are free and can be self-taught while others are paid and learnt under the tutelage of a professional.


It is said that sales is the lifeblood of any business. No business can survive if it doesn't make sales. Businesses are always on the lookout for individuals who have gained mastery of sales.

On an individual basis, every entrepreneur or business owner also needs to learn how to make sales. Sales have gone beyond just making calls and posting for people to buy from you. 

The internet has made it possible to automate some of your sales processes even as a small business owner. 

To learn everything about sales, visit our website and check out our sales courses and webinars. They're one of the most elaborate and easy to implement courses around.

  1. Graphic design/ video editing.

These are two very high-income skills and in high demand. In this age where many businesses and companies are moving online and trying to build an online presence, there's a deficit in the supply of decent graphic designers and video editors.

The beauty of these skills is that you can learn and practice them even with just your phones and they can be self-taught with dedication and discipline. You can find good resources to learn both on Youtube, Canva, Coursera, etc. 

If you want a course with a support group and access to other learners, then go for the Design like a pro course. 

  1. Content Marketing

Are you creative and know how to write? Then this skill is for you. Companies and businesses want to create content regularly that would inform, educate, entertain, and keep their followers engaged. 

Most of these companies and business owners either don't have the time to do this or don't know how. 

To learn content marketing, you need to start by writing consistently and get the Content Creation Masterclass that shows you an easy framework to churn out beautiful content daily. 

  1. Copywriting

A lot of people confuse content writing and copywriting. While copywriting deals with writing persuasive articles strictly to sell, content writing isn't always writing to sell. 

They're complementary skills though. A copy is a type of content and a content marketer needs to apply some copywriting skills once in a while.

If you want to learn copywriting, you can check out Laura Belgray’s blog, Talking Shrimp or sign up to Daniel Throsell’s newsletter for daily copywriting tips.

You can also get Copywrite your way to money by Kendra. It's a beginner's guide to copywriting with practical assessments after each module.

  1. Affiliate Marketing 

You don't need to have a product before you can sell. Do you know you can sell other people's products and earn a commission as an affiliate? All you need is a good smartphone and a stable internet connection.

There are numerous free resources on affiliate marketing scattered all around Youtube but if you need an “all in one place” course, then you should get the Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course by Tamilore Adewuyi.


These are not all the high income skills available. There are still skills like coding, web development, UI/UX design, Blockchain development, Data Science, Project Management, and many others.

We will address them in our subsequent posts.

See you soon!

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