Escape from the Trenches, Escape to the Mountain

Posted August 15, 2022
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Lot and his family lived in Sodom. The Sodomites were corrupt and wicked people. They were already mapped out for destruction because of their way of life. 

Abraham, Lot’s uncle got the update and he interceded on behalf of his nephew. Some mercenaries were sent to rescue Lot and his family from Sodom. 

The mercenaries snuck into Sodom and brought out Lot and his family and gave them just one command — “Escape from the trenches, Escape to the mountain. Do not look back”. 

This same command is coming to you today, “Escape from the trenches…”

What's the modern-day trenches? 

Although the city of Sodom no longer exists, there are still trenches everywhere. Modern-day trenches are places where the standard of living is very poor, places where people struggle to get two square meals.

Trenches are places where it feels like the government and system have been wired to make you fail no matter how much effort you put in. Trenches are the abode of “Sapa” (the god of poverty).

This should give you a picture of what modern-day trenches look like.

Why should you escape from the trenches? 

Like Lot in Sodom, he had so many reasons to escape from the trenches of Sodom. He had to escape to protect his life and that of his family members, he also had to escape to improve his family status.

In contemporary times, you should escape from the trenches because

1. The land is greener on the other side: Trenches are wastelands with little or no opportunities. You need to escape to find more and better opportunities. 

2. There's financial freedom in the mountains
If you take advantage of the opportunities in the mountain, then you'll be financially free in no time.

How to escape from the trenches

Escaping from the trenches can be difficult especially when you don't know how to go about it or where to start. This was the reason mercenaries were sent to help Lot and his family escape. 

We can be your mercenary. We will hold your hands and lead you out of the trenches if you would let us. 

These steps are a great place to start 

1.Understand and accept you’re in the trenches: Before change can happen, you must first see the need for change. Try to figure out the reasons why you’re in the trenches, and the decisions that brought you there. 

2. Mindset shift: You need to change your mindset. Have that positive mindset that the trenches is not for you and you can make it out of there. 

Look at money positively. Envisage the future you want for yourself and life outside the trenches. 

3. Get your passport: Your passport is your gateway out of the trenches. This can be education, digital skill, physical skill, business, or connection. 

Find something capable of taking you out of the trenches and invest all of your time and resources in it.

 If you feel digital skill is your passport out of the trenches, then you should go through our websites for easy to understand digital courses

4. Don't look back: Once you've gotten your passport, don't look back. Keep running and fighting like your life depends on it. 

Don't be like Lot’s wife. There would be a lot of distractions, things that would be struggling for your focus and attention. Set your eyes on the target, and build an unwavering conviction. 


We're all victims of circumstances. Our society has failed us and our government too. We deserve better than the trenches but it's what it is.

The onus is therefore on us to escape out of the trenches to the mountains. Nobody is coming to force you out. You need to make that conscious decision to leave the trenches before it can happen.

This is a wake-up call to everyone still in the trenches. There's hope for you. There's a way out. All you need to do is get your passport. We have some passports that can take you out of the trenches on our website. 

Have a great day.

See you soon.

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