How To Pick The Right Skill To Learn

Posted July 25, 2022
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There are a lot of digital skills available to learn today, but people face some common challenges when it comes to learning them. Two very common challenges people face when deciding to learn a digital skill are

What skills to learn
Where to learn the skills

This article would be focusing on the first challenge and would help answer your questions about how to pick the right digital skills.  

A friend reached out to me a couple of days ago and was complaining that he's having issues niching down. He doesn't know which of his skills to focus on.

This is someone who knows a little bit of graphics designing, video editing, social media management, copywriting, to mention a few. The problem is that he's beginning to feel like a jack of all trades, master of none.

I hope you won't be like my friend. This is why it is important that you learn how to pick the right skill before even starting. 


Why should you pick the right digital skill?

Just like my friend, a lot of people entering the online space get excited and naive and try to learn everything all at once. It happened to me too when I started, but I realized quickly and repositioned myself to learn just one for a start.

The reasons why you should pick the right digital skills include:

Consistency: Picking the right digital skills helps you stay consistent. This is because you’re doing something you love doing or are passionate about.

Focus: When you pick the right digital skill, it's easier to maintain a high level of focus. You know what you want, and you go for it. 

Perseverance: There are days when you wouldn’t have the motivation to do anything or practice anything, but if you’ve picked the right skil l— something you’re passionate about, then you’ll find a reason to keep going. 

How to pick the right digital skill

Choosing the right digital skill sounds easy but there’s more to it than meets the eyes. These steps would help you choose the right digital skill to learn.

Research the skills you’re interested in: The internet has made it easy to carry out research. Research all the digital skills that pique your interest, considering mainly skills that are up-to-date and still relevant. 

Make a list of all the skills that interest you: This list should be in the hierarchy of importance starting with complementary digital skills you can apply to your profession or business and how passionate you are about them. 

Compare and Contrast:
By the side of each skill in number 2, make a list of all that's needed to learn the skill. Take a look at the career path, opportunities, tools and software needed to learn the skill, availability of relevant resources, and mentors.  

At this point, the number of skills in the list you made in number 2 would have been reduced. 

Get a mentor/accountability coach
: To be successful in any skill, you need to learn from someone or an organization with a proven track record of success in that field or skill. 

The mentor would help you validate your choice of skill by sharing his real-life experiences and success/failure stories. Your mentor can also help point you to more resources and materials around your chosen skill. 

If you want to spice things up, make your mentor your accountability manager. Tell him to hold you accountable for your progress and you'll be reporting to him daily or weekly on how much progress you've made. 

Stay committed and consistent:
Now you've picked a skill to learn, the onus is on you to put in the work to get better at it. 

The first four steps would amount to nothing if you don't do your due diligence and stay consistent. 


The article has helped you discover how to pick the right digital skill to learn and we can move further by helping you start on your journey to becoming a master of your chosen skill. 

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See you at the top❤️

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