Posted November 09, 2021
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There was a time people used horses as the predominant form of transportation and there was horseshit everywhere. Cars replaced them.

Cars didn't replace them easily as there was a lot of resistance by those who didn't understand cars. 


They felt cars were too dangerous. And the first automobiles had people waving red flags in front of them as they drove on streets.


 That was the origin of “Red Flags” for danger.


With further optimization, and the pressure from the stench of horse manure, people opted for cars and they totally replaced horses. 


Cars had only one problem that was discovered decades later- the internal combustion engine and petrol caused a lot of pollution and smog.


After battling smog with catalytic converters for a while, we discovered that not just cars but most human activity leading to production that required energy consumption was killing the planet. 


What was the purpose of all this production? Value which is measured with money.


All money-creating activities were killing the planet. Money itself led to all sorts of social issues with humans. 


There are different ways people try to get more of it and a lot of those methods were also destructive. 


Wars and battles have been fought over resources and money.


Money became the tool of control, oppression and bondage by governments. 


Francophone Africa is still under the colonial bondage of currency tied to the European common currency. 


Money has several advantages as well. It was because of money that human development was accelerated.


Paying scientists and bankers with yam and potatoes would have been hard. 


Storing them- even harder. Money evolved over time until it became Bitcoin.


Then everything changed. Human freedom became a real possibility. 


Governments became afraid and some even killed young protesters.


Young people died because a government in Africa panicked the day they realized that anyone in the world could fund the protests of young people against police brutality with Bitcoin. 


This only strengthened the resolve of the young people. Capital moved out of the country.


Governments started banning bitcoin and others because they realized that it would change everything forever.


 They even started their own cryptocurrency projects. 


Bitcoin also made new enemies as it was discovered that miners used up a lot of energy from existing energy grids.


What people don't understand is that this is a feature and not a bug. 


Cars that replaced horses are also now changing.  TESLA and other electric cars are outselling older types of cars.


The demand for electricity by cars and crypto will force the change to Clean Energy.


In Africa, many still use camels, donkeys and even horses for transportation. 


But it is changing rapidly and the most ubiquitous form of transportation in most sub-Saharan African countries is the motorcycle.


 Motorcycles still use petrol and pollute the environment.


Most of Africa is still off-grid and without electricity. That is also another opportunity that the world is not seeing fully yet. 


The biggest threat to global warming in the next few decades will be African energy demand. 


Transforming African energy sources is VERY important!


If Bitcoin is ever going to do any good for the world, all the mining should be done in Africa with clean energy. 


Excess energy passed on to the grid to create local economic growth. 


African governments should welcome Bitcoin miners who bring renewable energy sources.


This is the way we can save the earth, create global freedom, and economic prosperity. 


This movement is inevitable. BITCOIN is here to replace manure in all parts of human existence. 


Fold Your Red Flags!


wriitten by Osaretin Victor Asemota

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